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A Few words about us

LEELA EDUCATION SOCIETY is registered Trust established in 2006 by Prof. Manjunath V. Acharya and his associates. It was a culmination of the shared dreams and long-held beliefs of the Trustees as embodied in the Vision , yet harbinger or new beginning. The ‘society of teachers’ then started in right earnest the process of establishing their first educational campus. The immense goodwill in the academic circles saw the coming togather of Professors,Teacher and Students – all volunteering, chipping in and giving it ther all. The dynamic leadership and team bulding ability of Prof. Manjinath Acharya along with the Dynamic efforts of everyone Technical Education Complex Campus. To create Centers of Excellence renowned world over for reserch, engineering and managemnt studies. to provide qualitty manpower pool having employeble skill sets, with strong technical and ethical mooring,imbued with a spirit to contribute to nation building. be virant Society, forever in the forefront,in evry field of education ,perpetuting our avowed Belif-“Learning Elevates Self” To establish NAES as a model institution ,synonymous with quality Mangment Education ,emphasizing constant achivement, pursuit of perfection ,integrity and strenth of character temered by empathy for the under privileded.


At NAMRATA ACHARYA ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL we believe that a happy child is a successful one. We are committed to providing a positive, safe and stimulating environment for children to learn, where all are valued. We believe that all children should enjoy their learning, achieve their potential and become independent life-long learners. We believe that education should take place in a fully inclusive environment with equal opportunities for all and that all children should learn to value religious and cultural differences. Our school strives to be at the center of the local community with positive and effective links to the wider and global communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make children aware of the beauty of the world around them, sensitize them to the environment, social and otherwise, and help them to make right and responsible choices in life. We strive to enable children to see, feel, sense and touch life as it is. We at DON BOSCO ENGLISH SCHOOL, pledge to build the base of a future India right from the very first step the child takes in our School and carries on till he passes out of its corridors as a knowing, caring, responsible and extremely conscientious citizen of India.

Principal's Desk

Mrs. Usha Prabhakaran Ranganathan,

Mrs. Usha Prabhakaran Ranganathan, MA. S.T.C. D.ed Has a glorious experience of 32 years as a ‘Principal’ in academics as well as five years of training in competency of Sarva Shiksha Mohim and worked as Zonal Officer for three years. Her valuable experience in the field of academics has helped her to receive the best Principal Award for three years. She was awarded best administration for two years by Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation. Leela Education Society was founded in years 2009 and started G.V. Acharya Polytechnic, Institute of Engineering and Technology ,Management Studies , Junior College and Namrata Acharya English School. Leela Education Society aims that a child will enter our campus at the age of 2 yrs as a bud and grow and become a tree by the age of 21 yrs. While Keeping the high standards in education we do not forget the goals to mould the character and personality of the children, to make them conscious of their role in building the society , to instill in them their responsibilities towards the country, to infuse in them the higher values of life such as love, Pease, justice, patriotism, generosity, service, and aptitude for hard work. Close attention is paid to many hives of education to provide them an education that is relevant and meaningful. The house-wide activities, sports and games, litrarty and cultural programmes etc. play a viatal role in bringing out the innate and inherent talents in every child. Values education is gives is given top priority in our school curriculum.


Veeracharya Technical Education Campus, Opp. Shelu Railway Station,
In Between Kalyan & Karjat, Central Line, Tal. Karjat, Mumbai - 421101.

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