Welcome to Namrata Acharya English High School!

Welcome on First Day of School. Assign seats before school starts. Use students' names from day one. Don't just introduce yourself. Give them something to commemorate the first day. Give students the tools they need. Namrata Acharya English High School is a dream come true project of our Founder Trustee Prof. Mr. Manjunath V. Acharya. It was his vision that modern education must remain true to the spirit of Indian ethos and culture. He insisted on value-based education, believing firmly that a community uncaring for its traditions is decadent and insubstantial. The need to establish a quality educational institution for the benefit of the people of Badlapur was his vision, which became reality in the year 2002. The school was named after Don Bosco, one of the greatest educators of modern times and the secret of his envied success in the field is embodied in the pithy wisdom. He said “without affection, there is no confidence, without confidence no education.” At the very early stage itself, the School was well furnished, spacious with ventilated classrooms, a well-stocked library, computer laboratory, science laboratory and a playground.

Prof. Manjunath Acharya,
Hon. Chairman, L.E.S.

The Chairman, Prof. Manjunath V. Acharya, BE (Civil), M-Tech (Structural), PhD. (Robotics), started his career as a Site Engineer constructing civil bridges, engineering colleges and jack wells, before finding his true calling for teaching and the academic world.
After beginning his 12 year teaching stint as a lecturer, then a senior lecturer, sheer force of his dynamism and hint of hard work soon catapulted him to the helm of affairs.
He served as a Vice Principal and In-Charge Principal for the next 4 & half years, of several colleges like PIIT, New Panvel. He was Founder Principal and Campus Director for one and half years at YTIET, Karjat and CEO of Adarsh Shikshan Mandal, Kalyan. Along the way, he started consulting for establishing new Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, D.Ed, B.Ed. colleges, as well as giving new direction to old ones.
He is serving on boards of several leading Educational Institutions. The tremendous goodwill and confidence reposed by his colleagues propelled him to become the rallying point and take the lead in undertaking the onerous task of establishing an Institution Of the Teachers, By the Teachers, For the Students.

First Day at School!


The day when the countdown to the last day of the school begins. The first day of school is always a fashion show, The rest of the school year? A pajama party. That awkward moment on the first day of school when you'll go in front of the class and introduce yourself


Veeracharya Technical Education Campus, Opp. Shelu Railway Station,
In Between Kalyan & Karjat, Central Line, Tal. Karjat, Mumbai - 421101.

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